At FEED Co., we are here to make cats happy. Instinctively.

Devoted to improving the life and experiences of cats during their indoor time, FEED Co. (Feline Environmental Enrichment Design Company) was founded in 2014 and is based in Philadelphia, PA. Using cutting edge veterinary research to create evidence-based products, FEED Co. is committed to fulfilling the natural and instinctive needs of the indoor cat.

Our first product, The NoBowl Feeding System™, has been designed to nourish the cat's inner hunting instinct. Evidence-based, innovative, and easy to use, our product promises a happier, healthier life for every cat, everywhere.

Meet the FEED Co. Team

Dr. Liz Bales

Dr Liz Bales is a born animal lover. She spent her childhood on horse farms surrounded by horses, cats and dogs. Dr. Liz graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. Dr. Liz has been fascinated with cat wellness in her veterinary career - including feline behavior, nutrition and internal medicine.

Dr. Bales is a prolific writer with a blog, an 'Ask the Vet' column on and contributes regularly to Cat Talk magazine.

Susan Lohr

Susan has been a cat lover from an early age. Her household is a busy one with cats, dogs, tropical fish and a hamster. She currently has two cats, all of whom use the NoBowl Feeding System. She makes things happen and is driven by the need to develop our communications to be accurate, insightful and educational. Her mission is to ensure that people know and understand how the NoBowl Feeding System can make cats happy everywhere.

Phebe Kearney

Phebe is a natural dog lover (but we still love having her as part of our Catvocate team!) She is a whizz with design and packaging and responsible for the beautiful skins that form part of our proprietary NoBowls. She is already looking at how we can continue to offer a range of exciting designs for the next generation of NoBowls.

Steven Krupnick

Steve is a born inventor and saw the potential in Dr Liz’s idea of the NoBowl Feeding System. He passionately worked on the design and manufacturing requirements to bring the idea to reality. He is constantly looking at how we can make more products to make cats happy. Instinctively.

David Krupnick

David is an expert at getting small businesses up and running and ensuring that we stick to task. He has worked with his Dad (Steve) for many years and they are apt to finish each other’s sentences!



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