FEED Co. is a mission based organization focused entirely on the well-being of cats. We bring critical information and practical solutions for environmental enrichment for indoor cats.

At FEED Co., we believe that cats in rescue organizations, and the fantastic people helping them, are the most deserving of what we have to offer. We want to help, and so do cat lovers everywhere. We are in a position to connect these cat lovers with the rescue organizations that need resources.

What can we do?
We can provide free educational materials for rescue and adoption organizations. Each year FEED Co. will choose a number of Rescue Organizations to be part of our official FEED Co. Felin-thropy Program.

To nominate your rescue organization, email us at catvocatepro@nobowlcat.com

If you are a rescue and adoption organization, we would like to support you in the following ways:


We will provide The NoBowl Feeding System Environmental Enrichment Certification Learning Module. Staff members can take this brief module to learn the importance of feline environmental enrichment, the negative consequences of bowl feeding and the benefits of The NoBowl Feeding System. In addition, staff will learn the step-by-step Transition Protocol to successfully transition cats onto The NoBowl Feeding System. Upon completion of the module, a certificate will be issued.


We will provide Catvocate Pro Posters - “Ask about Feline Environmental Enrichment” and “Cats Need To Hunt.” These beautiful and provocative posters will help visitors start to consider feline environmental enrichment and The NoBowl Feeding System.


We will provide the printable pdf “Set up for Success: The Basics of Feline Environmental Enrichment.” This is a practical guide for new pet parents to implement Feline Environmental Enrichment. This handout can be printed out and included in adoption folders, to give each cat the best chance at a happy and healthy new home.

We will also provide a NoBowl Feeding System coupon for $5 off for the new pet parents.

Rescue and Adoption Organizations Register Here:

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Active Felin-thropy

FEED Co. will be adopting two rescue and adoption organizations a year as part of our official FEED Co. Felin-thropy Program. For these shelters, we will provide NoBowl Trainers and NoBowls for the environmental enrichment of rescue cats to use during their stay within the organization.

We will have a dedicated Felin-thropy page on the www.NoBowlCat.com website.

Here we will provide:

  • A direct link for our website visitors to access the organization's website for information or to make donations.
  • Opportunity for visitors to our e-commerce platform to donate NoBowls™ for the Felin-thropy program as they purchase products.
  • Opportunity for visitors to our e-commerce platform to nominate their favorite feline rescue organization to be a part of the Felin-thropy program.

For these adoption organizations we will also promote our Felin-thropy Program and the organizations we support in our online and social media and through additional public relations programs.

Here are the organizations we are currently supporting through this program:

Winn Feline Foundation                

If you are interested in finding out more about our Felin-thropy program please contact us at catvocatepro@nobowlcat.com