The Right Way to Feed Your Cat
Cats should hunt 5 small meals a day

Measure, fill, hide, hunt

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We reached our Kickstarter goal!

Our Kickstarter campaign was tremendously successful - 378% funded in just 30 days. You are now able to purchase The NoBowl Feeding System through our online store by clicking below.

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About Our Project

The NoBowl Feeding System™ is a new and ingenious invention that replaces the bowl with the hunt. Developed and designed by veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales this commonsense solution reawakens your cat’s natural instincts helping it become what it always wanted to be - a happy healthy hunter, all while indoors. Dr. Bales applied the science and behavioral findings of established leaders in veterinary medicine and designed a revolution in cat feeding that finally supports the cat’s physical and mental health.

We are raising funds to bring a high quality injection molded version of The NoBowl Feeding System to market. A dedicated group of Trialists are actively using a 3D-printed version of The NoBowl Feeding System.

In order to purchase the mold and increase production, we chose to raise funds through a Kickstarter Campaign which runs for 30 days, starting March 10, 2016. The rewards offered through Kickstarter are significantly below the expected retail price at launch.

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