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Say goodbye to bad habits. After your cat successfully transitions onto The NoBowl Feeding System, go ahead and throw away your old cat bowl. You won’t need that anymore!

The NoBowl Feeding System™ is the world's first indoor hunting system and is changing the way that cats everywhere get their food. Use the set of five NoBowls to replace your food bowl and allow your cat to hunt for its food in a natural and healthy way!


Here are the top 5 reasons people are buying The NoBowl Feeding System:

  1. They are looking for a way to engage their cat while they are not at home
  2. Their cat “scarf and barfs” at least once a week
  3. Their veterinarian recommended Environmental Enrichment for their cat
  4. Their cat wakes them up early looking for food
  5. They are looking for a way to feed in a portion-controlled way to maintain a healthy weight


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