Comfort in Tense Times

Hello Catvocates!

The Catvocate movement focuses on what we can do for our cats to make their
lives better. Today, I wanted to take a time out to recognize what our cats do for

Have you seen this New York Times article?

We live in stressful times. This fall, we have seen horrible, unspeakable things happen to innocent people around the world. In the times of the greatest stress our generation has known, we find ourselves turning to cats for comfort.

“The people of Twitter decided to respond with what will now be known as an internationally recognized symbol of solidarity: cat photos.”


Liz Bales
Liz Bales


Dr Liz Bales is a born animal lover. She spent her childhood on horse farms surrounded by horses, cats and dogs. Dr. Liz graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. Dr Liz has been fascinated with cat wellness in her veterinary career - including feline behavior, nutrition and internal medicine.

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