We are Catvocates. Join us!

A community for cat lovers everywhere.

Hello fellow cat lovers! I have a confession to make.

Yep, I am just going to admit it - I am a cat-obsessed veterinarian! More than that I am a passionate cat obsessed veterinarian (…hmm not using the word crazy…) Even more than that, I want to create a movement. The Catvocate Movement.

I want to share with you the best and latest information available from veterinarians, behaviorists, scientists and other cat lovers. Together, we will understand what cats need to be mentally and physically healthy. Together, we will raise the standard of care for our cats. We are advocates for cats - Catvocates.

This is me in 1976. I loved cats.  I still do. I know you love your cats. A lot. 

You love your cats as if they were your children, but cats have very different needs than humans do, and certainly have very different needs than dogs do (yes, I just said dog-doo.)

We know cats are not dogs and that they humor us - those pesky human servants -most of the time. We know they are frequently frustrated by our inability to understand what they want.

When we understand what exactly what it is that cats need and why, we can understand their varied behaviors. For instance, knowing that cats are innate hunters who view our homes as their new hunting ground helps us provide opportunities for them to hunt in an indoor context. We can improve their environments and make them both happier and healthier. When we do that, we can advocate for what they both need and want. We are “Catvocates!”

I am a proud Catvocate, and I want to connect with other Catvocates out there. In this blog, we will dive into the current scientific and veterinary research. We will explore where cats come from, how they exist in nature, and how they interact with each other, with us, and with the world around them. We will learn how to make them happy and contented.

I invite you to join me, offering observations and suggestions, sharing stories about your feline friends. Send me videos of your cats and links to your favorite cat videos.

Together Catvocates, we will raise the standard of care for all cats and spread the word about how cats can be truly happy.