Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my cat to use The NoBowl Feeding System™?

It will take a little time to re-awaken your cat’s natural hunting instinct. We have put together a transition protocol to help with this process. Have patience, as it may take a few days for them to get accustomed to the new feeding system, but they will be much happier once they can release their inner hunter.

Can I still serve my cat wet food? What if my cat eats wet food or a raw diet?

How you feed your cat is as important as what you feed your cat. You want to feed your cat the best way possible and you know that hunting and playing with meals a critical part of feline environmental enrichment. Providing your cat with an outlet for hunting is very important. You can accomplish this by feeding a smaller portion of wet or raw food. The remaining daily ration will be dry food food or a treat that is acceptable in your cat’s diet and will be fed using The NoBowl Feeding System.

Can I serve wet food in the NoBowl™?

We don't recommend it. The NoBowl Feeding System is designed to be used with any dry cat food or treats only, and the holes are designed to release the food in small increments.

How Much Should I Feed my Cat?

For the exact amount of food to feed your cat, ask your veterinarian. Every cat is different. To feed the average 10 lb cat, add one portion filler full of dry food to each of the 5 NoBowls™. The average 10 lb cat eating only dry food, requires approximately ½ cup of dry food per day. The portion filler is designed to be ⅕ of this amount.

Can I starve my cat into using The NoBowl Feeding System?

NO! Starving is very stressful for your cat. The NoBowl Feeding System is meant to reduce stress and add to your cat’s joy and fulfillment. Be patient. Work with your cat. Give your cat enough food every day to be healthy. Transitioning onto The NoBowl Feeding System™ may take days, or weeks. That is ok. Allow your cat to transition in a stress-free way. Warning: Cats that starve completely for several days can become very sick with a illness called hepatic lipidosis.

My cat is a little chubby. Will The NoBowl Feeding System help her lose weight?

If your cat needs to lose weight, you should consult a veterinarian for dietary advice. The NoBowlFeeding System is portion controlled. Feeding your cat an appropriate amount of food in small portions throughout the day will help your cat to maintain a healthy weight. NoBowl cats hunt to find their food. The hunt is exercise in disguise. Cats that have a healthy body weight live longer lives. By maintaining a healthy weight, your cat reduces its risks of diabetes, heart disease and joint pain.

Can I use The NoBowl Feeding System if I have more than one cat?

The NoBowl Feeding System™ is the solution to meet all of your cat’s natural needs. Even in the multi-cat household, each cat deserves to have its hunting needs met. Our users report that The NoBowl Feeding System™ reduces fights between cats and increases happiness for all of the cats in the household. For more information on how to implement The NoBowl Feeding System™ in your multi-cat household click here.

Is this going to make a food mess all over my house?

Actually, our studies have shown The NoBowl Feeding System is a cleaner alternative to bowl feeding. Because the meals in each NoBowl only release a little bit of kibble at a time, your cat will eat the portioned amount as they hunt for each one. NoBowl, no mess!

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