The Holidays Season – Who is coming over???



While humans look forward to this time of year, it can be a tough season for our cats.  The holiday season brings lots of changes to our home environment.  Many of us decorate with exciting new things, cook different foods and have a flurry of visitors into our homes to celebrate our respective holidays.  All of these changes might be distressing to your cat, so what can you do to help?


Some cats love your friends and relatives, and are happy to be included in the celebrations. But for many cats, house guests are a source of anxiety and stress.  Just being aware of this is the first step in easing your cat through this season.  


If your cat is shy, don’t force them to be a part of your festivities.  In fact, your shy cat will appreciate being given a safe space to hide away from the crowd.  You can provide this with perches, beds and boxes that your cat loves in the usual areas of your house.  However, you may find that your cat really would prefer to be alone.  In this case, if your cat is comfortable spending time in a room where you can close the door to visitors, do it.  Don’t forget to provide water, food and an additional litter box.  You can celebrate with your cat in the quiet hours after your guests have gone home.


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