A word from the inventor of The NoBowl Feeding System™, Dr. Liz Bales:

Did you know that cats are not supposed to be fed from bowls? Neither do most cat owners. But, veterinary behaviorists have long understood that cats need to hunt for their food, not eat from bowls. For cats, food is only half of the mealtime equation. Cats need to nourish their instincts with hunting, while they nourish their bodies with food. When cats are fed from a bowl, they are denied the ability to fulfill this instinct. Their bodies are often over nourished while their instincts are starved.

A cat's frustrated hunting instincts are commonly redirected into negative behaviors like obesity, vomiting, destructive behavior, inter-cat aggression and maybe even urinating outside of the litter box. While veterinarians have known this for a long time, there has been no safe and effective way to help cats hunt inside of the home.

I was so discouraged after years and years of my own profession knowing what cats needed but not having a way to help my patients, I invented the solution myself. My invention, The NoBowl Feeding System, is the safe, clean, easy way to bring back the hunt with the dry food that you are already feeding. I consulted with the world’s leading feline veterinarians, veterinary nutritionists and veterinary behaviorists and then worked with an accomplished team of inventors and designers to create The NoBowl Feeding System — an indoor hunting system that will help keep your cat happy and healthy.

About Dr. Liz Bales
Dr Liz Bales is a born animal lover. She spent her childhood on horse farms surrounded by horses, cats and dogs. Dr. Liz graduated from The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. Dr Liz has been fascinated with cat wellness in her veterinary career - including feline behavior, nutrition and internal medicine.

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