5 Ways To Tell If Your Cats Are friends

To many Catvocates, Cats are like potato chips - you can't have just one without going back for more.  Adding one of these irresistible cuties to your current household can be absolute bliss for your solo cat, the added cat company might be exactly what they were secretly wishing for. Other cat pairings are not matches made in heaven.

Cats have an endlessly fascinating social structure.  In nature, they can live alone or in groups, but they always hunt alone.  Experts call them solitary hunters.  Since cats don't depend on each other for food, they can be choosey about the company that they keep. How can you tell if your cats are getting along?  There are 5 key signs that your cat household is zen:

1. Bonded cats rub their bodies and faces on each other.  Cats have glands that contain pheromones on their faces and rubbing their faces together co-mingles these pheromones and creates contentment between bonded cats. 

2. Cats that enjoy each others company will stand next to each other and intertwine their tails.  This may be another way of co-mingling pheromones. 

3. Let sleeping cats lie. Cats that feel safe and comfortable with one another will rest or sleep cuddled up together.  So nice for them, and so adorable for us to watch.

4. Cat friends that know each other well can romp and roughhouse without taking things too far.  This sort of play between cats is great for exercise as well as for bonding.

5. Allogrooming.  Allo-what?  Cats that are bonded will lick and groom each other. Friends that groom together, stick together.

Here's wishing peace and togetherness for all of your multicat households.