Cats and Water: 3 Things You Should Know


Clean, fresh water is essential for the good health and hydration for your cat. Here are some cool facts that might help your cat increase its water consumption.

1 . Cats have some pretty unique preferences about where they want their water. Studies show that cats will drink more if their water source is not near their food source.  Pretty interesting, huh?  Feline behaviorists think this is an instinct to keep the water sources clean and free of contaminating decomposing carcasses.  The human instinct is to serve water and food together, because that is what we would like.  In any case, move your food away from your water and find out for yourself!

2. Many cats love running water. Your local pet store will have a variety of continuous-flow water fountains to choose from that may delight your cat.  A free alternative is to leave a faucet dripping for your cat, as long as you don’t mind sharing.

3. On behalf of all cats, please keep food AND water in a separate location from the litter boxes. No cat wants to use the toilet where they eat and drink.  Think about it….